10 tips to make a small house look bigger

Post date: 07, May 2019

From living rooms that have to accommodate a dining area through to bedrooms barely big enough for a bed, fitting everything you need into a small house is no easy task. But that said, there are plenty of easy solutions to help your small house look more inviting and increasingly multi-functional at the same time.
◦ Choose a statement piece to fill your room. Having one couch rather than multiple smaller pieces can reduce the look of clutter.
◦ Invest in hidden storage and multi-purpose items.
◦ Replace dark shower curtains with a clear curtain.
◦ If you do want to keep curtains on your windows, hang them close to the ceiling, it will give a taller look to your house.
◦ Use dramatic art pieces to help your room feel more expansive.
◦ Invest in glass decor – it won’t take up a lot of visual space.
◦ Use rugs to separate one room into smaller, individual spaces. This can be especially useful apartments.
◦ Strategically place mirrors to create the illusion of space. Mirrors sitting across from a window will reflect light and make your room feel larger.
◦ Take advantage of natural light – it will open up your space.
◦ De-clutter relentlessly. If you haven’t used it in a year – or wouldn’t buy it now – it needs to go.
◦ When decorating, choose a colour palette that’s light and neutral to expand your space visually.
Have a favourite space-saving tip? Share your ideas in the comments below!