I damaged something in my rental property

Post date: 14, May 2019

“If you damage something in the property, the best course of action is to “make good” and return it to its original condition and ensure this is done in a timely manner,” 

If it is not addressed quickly, the agent may issue a breach notice and this may be recorded in your rental reference/history in a situation where this exists.

Accidents happen and if they are addressed quickly, in most cases it doesn’t become an issue or is even noticed.

However, there are times when the damage is intentional and/or there is a delay in rectifying the damage, which may result in heightened frustrations, concerns, and negative rental history and record. Note that some landlord and agent actually do ask for details of your past rental and may actually call your previous agent or landlord.

If something in the property requires maintenance, report it to your agent or landlord so that they can arrange to rectify it.

If the damage has been as a result of an issue due to age or wearing, ensure it is reported to give the agent or landlord the opportunity to repair or replace it, and to ensure that you are protected when you vacate the property.